We are a litigation support, security consulting, and valuation firm.  We trace and value assets, conduct post-separation accountings, draft discovery requests, and assist in other aspects of dispute resolution.  Our litigation expertise is broad - covering matrimonial disputes, criminal defense, commercial litigation, cryptocurrency tracing, and oil & gas disputes.  Our holistic risk management solutions thoroughly address your organization's threat vectors and can be implemented by you, without us.  We don't provide software or affiliate products and strive to ensure all of our recommendations include free and open source software.  

How much should I expect to pay you?

Good math doesn't have to be expensive.  With minimal information about your case type, we will provide you with an engagement letter detailing our scope of work and an estimate of what you can expect to pay for our expertise.  To get started, you will pay a retainer and that retainer will be held until your final invoice.  If your final invoice is less than the retainer, you will receive a refund of the difference.  During our engagement, you will receive monthly statements containing detailed descriptions of our work, shown in quarter-hour increments (unless a court requires one-tenth hour increments), and those invoices are payable when they are received.  Our work is billed on a task-basis, not a person-basis, which means the rates applied are not dependent on the person doing the work (e.g. a partner reviewing production is billed at the lowest bill rate, not a partner rate).  

Do you do any work for free (pro bono)? 

Yes, we do.  If you have a case you would like us to consider pro bono, please contact us.   Acceptance of a pro bono case depends on our caseload at the time, the case type, and the .  If we don't accept your pro bono case, we can still provide a detailed scope of work with an estimate so you can shop around.  We can also work with you on the payment terms or payment currency (we're open to creative payment solutions in lieu of U.S. dollars - bitcoin, bananas, other services, etc.).  

On which kinds of cases have you worked


Bitcoin asset tracing during complex divorces with multiple inconsistencies requiring investigation and verification through alternative evidence, digital and traditional.

Hybrid fraud examination and digital forensic investigation of business email compromise (i.e. email wire fraud) with internal and external perpetrators.

Asset tracing to determine community property that included a variety of investment and banking accounts, each with frequent transfers to, from, and back to the estate.

Asset tracing that included partially vested stock options, performance payments and bonuses to one party, ongoing medical costs, and multiple transfers to each separate property estate.

Financial analysis to determine solvency at particular points in time in a bankruptcy matter involving domestic and international sales.

Asset tracing that involved spending on multiple paramours over a decades-long relationships. 


Forensic analysis of records and public data regarding payments made to royalty owners by operators over ten years (Eagle Ford formation, Texas). 

Forensic analysis of records and internal communication regarding charges to a joint operating account between a non-operator and an operator (Eagle Ford formation, Texas).

Calculations for economic damages allegedly arising from a major railway derailment for more than ten different businesses, each requiring its own financial model and industry analysis (Montreal, Canada).

Calculation of fees and damages arising from allegations of violations of the Antitrust Act and the False Claims Act regarding furniture manufacturers (Military Bases and Colombia).

Financial analysis involving dairy farm entities with common ownership and multiple transfers among each entity, one of which had filed for bankruptcy (Texas).


Modeling future cash flows to calculate damages on intellectual property theft (new technology) and financial analysis to determine a reasonable royalty in the oil and gas services industry (Bakken formation, Montana).

Financial modeling and industry analysis to determine damages arising from the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets in the farm chemicals industry (Texas).

Lost earnings model and lost accounts analysis in a FINRA arbitration matter for financial advisor groups with shared accounts under management and differing production over time (Texas).

Economic analysis for cryptocurrency mining ventures related to equipment installations on natural gas that would otherwise be flared.