Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF)

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Licensed Private Investigator (TX DPS)

The testifying expert for YBR is Dorothy Haraminac, MBA, MAFF, CFE, PI.  

Ms. Haraminac provides consulting and expert witness testimony, builds damage models for complex commercial disputes, and provides tracing and valuation for high net worth, tech-centric matrimonial cases.  She conducts fraud investigations, performs risk assessments, and volunteers her time to train other professionals on emerging trends in blockchain, cybersecurity, and crypto tracing.

Her forensic accounting engagements including cryptocurrency occur nationwide in both equitable distribution and community property states; her testimony has largely occurred in California and in Texas.  Ms. Haraminac serves on the Advisory Board for the College of Science and Engineering at Houston Christian University (HCU), the Editorial Board for The Value Examiner, and the Editorial Board for NACVA’s QuickRead.  She volunteers her time to develop and present training programs for law enforcement, attorneys, and accountants on cybercrime risk, blockchain compliance, and cryptocurrency investigations, and is a professor of Cyber Engineering.  She also served as Chairman of the Litigation Forensics Board for NACVA, where she spearheaded the direct acknowledgement of military experience in lieu of a degree for MAFF credential qualifications, making it one of the first NASBA-accredited financial credentials to do so.

YBR provides financial forensics, blockchain forensics, and digital forensics.  Financial forensics is a broad term for financial analysis related to litigation and disputes.  It includes asset tracing, post-separation accounting, discovery assistance, and more. This industry is known in some states as financial forensics and as forensic accounting in others.  Blockchain forensics involves the analysis of blockchain transactions, assets, or entities as it relates to litigation and disputes.  Digital forensics is the process of gathering data stored on a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, the cloud, etc.); it results in files known as images, which are forensically sound, bit-for-bit, copies of a device (file types include .dd, .e01, and others but definitely do not include .jpg or .png- that's a different kind of image).  

YBR is does not provide attestation services, tax advice, or investment advice and is not a CPA firm.  

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